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Character Cupcakes
Christmas themed cupcakes frosted and covered with sugar paste. (Boxes of 4, 6, 15 and 20 available)
Topper Cupcakes
Sugar Cookies
Cupcakes covered in a frosting swirl and topped with a Christmas themed topper. (Boxes of 4, 6, 15 and 20 available)
Boxes of Christmas themed sugar cookies.
Sweet Covered Chalet
Gingerbread Chalet decorated with sweets, royal icing, and sugar paste characters. (Two sizes available)
Traditional Chalet
Gingerbread Mansion
Gingerbread Chalet decorated with royal icing piping. (Two sizes available)
Gingerbread mansion decorated with sweets and royal icing.
Christmas Cake
Sponge cake - chocolate, lemon, carrot) - decorated in Christmas themed fondant. (Two sizes available)
*Please allow for a two week turnaround on orders